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Founder of Pawsome Pet Care  | | Services include Pet Sitting, Dog Boarding & Doggy Day Care  | | East London Region

Throughout my life I have grown up with animals, ranging from hamsters, cats and dogs to the more exotic including horses, a green water-dragon and a corn snake. I currently own a variety of tropical fish and two rescue cats called Albus and Fawkes. (you can see more of them on instagram @albus_and_fawkes). This special connection I have with animals led me to complete a BA (Hons) Environmental Studies Degree at The University of Kent. During my time on this course, I learnt much about endangered species and their threats and once I graduated university, I knew I wanted to develop my knowledge in this area further. That is when I started volunteering for The Wildwood Trust as a member of the endangered small mammal conservation team.  I would assist with the well-being of bats, water voles, harvest mice, dormice and even a shrew by feeding them and performing husbandry duties before we reintroduced them back into the wild. This practical experience working with endangered species encouraged me to start my career in the veterinary environment. I spent five years in the veterinary environment training as a veterinary nurse before deciding to leave the industry to create and pursuit Pawsome Pet Care. My time working in a veterinary practice has made me confident in areas such as administering medication of all forms,  understanding animal behaviour, running diagnostic tests and more.  You can see me in action where I documented my veterinary nurse training on youtube ( flora fauna and me). Please get in touch if you have any further questions. I look forward to hearing from you!



Pet Sitter & Dog Walker of Pawsome Pet Care  | | Bristol Region

To this day I've never met an animal I didn't like, or that didn't like me! I've always had a special connection with animals, as a child I grew up caring for pet hamsters, snakes and lizards. Today, I currently live with my rescue cat Squid and my corn snake Miko. I'm also always the first port of call if any of my friends are going away to look after their dogs or cats. This animal care experience gained over the years makes me feel confident in my abilities to look after your pets in the highest standards. I am based in Bristol and happy to provide my services in the Clifton and Redland Areas.

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